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Passing the gate, relaxing on board, and after the journey finding yourself on the other side of the world, for a holiday or a business appointment. Returning to usual flying will, undoubtedly, take time. Meanwhile, airlines and airports are gearing up for a new normal. Everywhere passengers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, to use sanitizer and follow the rules of social distancing. In several airports, such as in Vienna and Dubai, the COVID test is now scheduled for spotting possible infections. Delta Air Lines has also constantly implemented its hygiene and safety policies in response to the Coronavirus emergency. All the company’s planes are regularly sanitized with electrostatic nebulizer sprays before each flight, and from this month of May the use of face protection for employees and passengers is mandatory. On board, contact points on the surfaces have been reduced as much as possible – as for meals’ distribution, for example – while the middle seat is locked to ensure more space between one passenger and another, and entry to the aircraft takes place from the tail of the aircraft. And if some security measures are likely to be temporary, many experts in the sector agree that some others, on the other hand, have come to remain, even after the Coronavirus emergency has passed.