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Everyone says that this will be a summer spent on the mountains, among alpine paths and in the peace of nature – above all avoiding the overcrowding of the beaches and of the seaside resorts, where social distancing can be more difficult to practice. Diving into the greenery and in the alpine panoramas, staying – possibly – in houses, apartments or small structures that guarantee independence and safety. The CAI, the Italian Alpine Club, has in the meantime published its guidelines for responsible behavior to be followed during nature excursions, based on common sense and self-awareness. The destination Cogne, in the Aosta Valley, is preparing its imminent summer season. Among the plans of the destination are the creation of new picnic areas and the expansion of its bikes’ offers – in order to move freely along airy and isolated paths. For this summer’s guests, Cogne will offer the opportunity to participate to guided tours to discover the fauna and flora of the Gran Paradiso National Park – organized in very small groups of people, spaced out according to safety regulations. Finally, restaurants are gearing up for take-away solutions and open spaces – for a holiday as quiet as possible, during which to rediscover the mental serenity and psycho-physical well-being that we have been lacking so much in these past months.