There are so many reasons to choose to advertise. You can look for a broader visibility for your brand in general, or you may need to activate a more aggressive campaign that focuses on price and a limited-time offer. The goal can be to spread a message, tell a story or present a product. And there are many types of advertising: on printed media or on the web, on the radio or on social media, on television or billboard. The advertising that works, in any case, requires time and patience, and the coordinated work of the client, the agency’s account, the art director and a copy writer. Where to plan an advertising campaign? There are many factors to consider, but the first question to ask yourself is where to find your target.
Is it young and dynamic? Perhaps the most suitable means are then the radio, the web and the social media. Do you want to address the business people? Financial newspapers and online news may be the right choice. Or do you exclusively aim at an elite and high-spending public? Niche media will then need to be selected.  And what is the right pressure for a successful advertising- how many times should your target be exposed to the advertising message, so that this is effective?

In addition to the budget available, it depends on the means chosen and the content you want to convey.


What can ABC do for you?

Supporting you in the ideation of the advertising message in terms of creativity, texts, format, visual
Doing the media planning, identifying the most effective means to spread the message: press, television, radio, web, social media…
Assisting you in the media-buying
Purchasing adv spaces and managing the campaign

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