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It is not at all obvious, but priceless –it’s the advice of the journalist to his readers. When we see an advertisement, as appealing as this is, we know that it has been paid to present a product in the best possible way – from the point of view of the company paying for it. But if we read a positive article, online or offline, by a known journalist and on an authoritative publication, we assume that this is as impartial as possible. It is vital for the newspaper to remain objective, and that the journalist is not making
more money to write his piece in a certain way – after all it is all about the reputation, for both of them. But how can you make yourself known, and be present with your products and offers in the national press? This is where ABC supports its customers. With you, we build the reputation of your brand, studying its strengths and enhancing them with an effective narrative, which takes into account global and local trends, the competition and the evolution of current collective values.

What can ABC do for you?

A punctual press office strategy includes a regular plan of press releases, media presentations and ad hoc press trips – all essential tools for successful media relations. And of course, the media database available to the agency – namely, the in-depth knowledge of journalists – is fundamental. Thanks to over 20 years in the communication sector, with a particular focus on tourism, aviation, hospitality and lifestyle, ABC can count on the right contacts to propose specific news, at the right time and with the appropriate tone. And there you are!

Media relations and press office for airlines

Communication management for airlines – legacy or low cost – is part of our core business. Over the years we have dealt with the launch of new carriers on the Italian market, the start up of new hubs or single routes.

We take care of communications for some of the most successful companies in the airline business both from a corporate and from product perspective, and we know the Italian aviation landscape in detail. We also have a proven record in managing crisis situations – both on a financial and on an operational side.


What distinguishes the offer of a hotel-brand compared to another, what do Italians look for when they travel, what are the best partnerships to achieve awareness in the media for a hotel or a hotel chain, in a win-win communication perspective?

The world of hospitality is wide and varied, even in the media, and the online review tools, as well as the contribution of Instagrammer and influencer, make the situation even more fluid. This is also why it is important to create a niche of authoritativeness and notoriety in order to be visible for your (future) client. Sometimes this is what can make the real difference.


Media relations and press office for the hospitality sector

Media relations and press office for destinations

There are so many beautiful places in the world – yet this is simply not enough. New travelers are looking for so much: holidays made of experiences, a competitive offer in terms of quality and price, places that make them feel at home and at the same time far from everything, the tranquility that does not disregard any service. And there are destinations that need to push the low season; or those offering niche-activities, or hiding a potential treasure of culture, arts and events unknown to most. Telling this to the media, in all its facets, is then really essential. So that, after reading a paper article or an online piece, the next guest can say “yes, I would like to be here“.

And click: surfed, booked, done.


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