Web Marketing, Social Media and Digital PR

Web marketing, Social media e Digital PR

Until not long ago you would enter a shop to buy something, the grocery shopping was done at the supermarket, and trips and flights were bought at a travel agency. Today it is no longer (only) like this: people increasingly inform themselves, choose and buy everything online. And it is here where you have to be present – if you want your product to be visible and purchased.

A company’s website becomes thus its showcase, where it is important to describe yourself in the best possible way. But of course this is not enough: in order for the potential customer to find us, we must also be clearly visible on the internet – and visibility can be supported in many ways:

by SEO optimizing our website – meaning: helping the search engine to find us and to read us; favoring the presence of the product and the story we want to tell on news websites, but also in influencers’ blogs; or by supporting the presence of our product or name in Google rankings with Google Ads, so that we can appear at the top of the search-engine lists.

Besides internet, our potential customers are now massively present also on Social Media – primarily on Facebook, and increasingly on Instagram but also – depending on the purpose – on other kind of social media, such as Linkedin. And this is where we will have to be if we want to meet our target


What can ABC do for you?

Supporting you in building or optimizing your website, also from a SEO perspective
Managing social profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram
Activating digital PR strategies that include the involvement of bloggers, influencers, you tubers and Instagrammers for product presentation campaigns, ad hoc journeys and integrated visibility projects
Developing Google Ads projects

Yes, of course. Social Media are agile tools for everyone, and a communications agency is not necessarily needed to manage them well. At the same time, it is important to ask yourself if you have the time and the energy to do it. To perform well, social media cannot be considered just a showcase for presenting a product, but they need to be a place of sharing and engagement for its public – and they must be useful and fun. Posts, images and the overall narrative have therefore to be planned in a strategic and integrated manner, so that users’ numbers can grow in an organic way and the engagement increases as well.

Can we manage the social media on our own?

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